Responsible gaming

Orenes Group, as one of the leading private gaming operators in Spain, is committed to responsible gaming practices as a fundamental pillar of the company’s culture.

The aim is to continue to provide all customers with a positive leisure experience, as it is important to remember that Spain continues to have the second lowest rate of pathological gambling behaviour in Europe. 99.7% of customers enjoy gambling and do so without developing any type of pathology.

The Orenes Group’s strategy has always been based on developing its business in a responsible manner, satisfying the needs of its customers and protecting them from bad practices.

Orenes carries out actions to promote and inform customers of responsible gambling practices, which serve to manage the risks derived from the sector.

Staff training

Collaboration with the Gambling Brigade

Detection and reporting of practices contrary to the gambling industry. Coordination with state-level gambling associations.

Guidance and communication to customers on responsible gambling practices.

Collaboration with associations and institutions that help people with gambling-related pathologies.

Anti-sports fraud protocol where we collaborate with operators in the sector at a national and international level, betting providers and law enforcement agencies and security forces in each country.