Orenes Group

The success
of a great team

Orenes Group is one of the great benchmarks in the leisure and catering sector in Spain. Its success lies in the excellent management of dozens of hotels, restaurants, casinos, bingos, gaming and sports betting rooms, as well as terminals in the hotel and catering industry and an online gaming division.

More than 50 years of experience have consolidated Orenes Group as one of the fastest growing business groups in the leisure sector in Spain.

This trend is currently reinforced by projects such as VERSUS, with which Orenes is transforming the world of sports betting and online gambling. An innovative concept that inspires us to continue growing in new markets.

As part of our international diversification strategy, Orenes Group is present in Mexico with three casinos in the states of Querétaro, Guanajuato and Chihuahua, thus exporting our complete integrated leisure experience.

Fun and control are the perfect allies to enjoy the Orenes experience in a shared way, with a comprehensive leisure offer and a commitment to responsible gaming in all its lines of business.

Furthermore, Orenes Group is committed to innovation and the development of new technologies as another of the driving forces behind the growth of a successful project.


To provide a comprehensive leisure offer to all our customers through fun and responsible gambling.


To be a benchmark in the leisure sector, exceeding our customers' expectations, through excellence in service and management based on transparency, professionalism and responsible gaming.


More than 50 years of expert experience in the sector, offering high-quality service to our clients and incorporating the latest technologies in everything we do.
Gaining the trust of our interest groups through the fostering of relationships based on trust and mutual knowledge.
Showing full commitment to all of our interest groups.

Innovation and technology, a boost for the future

The Orenes Group’s R&D&I department has become one of the main drivers of the company, developing new protocols and products that improve both safety and the leisure experience of our customers.

Among its latest developments are the revolutionary NIOBE sports betting system and the FACELOCK facial recognition system, which improves access control at all our centres.

As well as the IRIS platform for the management of online operators, RF OnMix, a state-of-the-art multigame machine, or the Kolyseo Game Hub game server and services.